Frequently Asked Questions

How are the lessons scheduled?

Our teachers will work with you to find a weekly lesson time that works within your schedule.

How often do your students take lessons?

Lessons are once per week. If you would like lessons more often, we will provide them.

What is the duration of the lesson?

We offer lessons that are 30, 45, and 60 minutes long.

What age may students begin lessons?

We accept students as young as 4 years old.

Can a young student take a shorter lesson?

Younger students may take a 15-20 minute lesson provided it is scheduled in the same home back to back with another student.

Do you offer lessons on weekends?

Yes. Please inquire for teacher availability.

When may I start lessons?

You may begin lessons at any time of the year.

How often should a beginner student practice?

If a student practices for 20 minutes every day, within a few months, the student will notice a great deal of improvement and will be able to play songs for the enjoyment of themselves and others.