Music Production

Learn to record, produce, and arrange your own compositions with Ableton Live. This software provides you with some of the best recording and compositional tools, and our lessons will empower you to develop your sonic ideas into fully realized songs.

About Our Lessons

Our lessons emphasize creativity, and are structured to get students composing and arranging immediately. We walk students through the fundamentals of Ableton Live’s primary applications, while also promoting solid workflow techniques that empower students to use Live to it’s full potential.

Our lessons in Ableton are uniquely tailored to the strengths and musical interests of each student. We offer lessons to all ability groups, from students that have little or no experience with the program, to advanced students that may be interested in delving deeper into methods of sound design.

Our mission is to help our students build upon their creativity and artistry by empowering them with the latest and best computer based production techniques.

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